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In the construction industry, the use of chemicals such as additives, stimulants, surface coatings and other modifiers plays a very important role in improving the quality and durability of materials. construction materials. However, not everyone understands these chemicals and how they work during construction. In this article, we will introduce the most common construction chemicals and how they are used in construction.
II. Types of construction industry chemicals:
1. Additives
Additives are chemicals used to improve the properties of construction materials. They are used to improve the durability, performance, elasticity and water resistance of materials. Common types of additives include anti-caking agents, setting retarders, water reducing agents and adhesion enhancers.
2. Stimulants
Stimulants are used to speed up the setting of construction materials. They are added during the mixing process to enhance properties and reduce setting time. Common types of accelerators include anti-caking agents, setting promoters, and adhesion enhancers.
3. Surface coating
Surface coatings are used to protect construction surfaces from corrosion and the impact of external environments such as sunlight, rain, and wind on construction works.
4.Waterproofing agent:
This is a chemical used to prevent water penetration into construction materials such as concrete, cement, bricks, granite... Waterproofing agents help increase the durability and water resistance of these materials.
Used to remove stains and marks on construction surfaces. The cleaner can be used to clean materials such as concrete, tile, natural stone, stone floors or wooden floors.
6. Curing agent:
Used to help construction materials such as concrete, cement, bricks... cure quickly. Curing agents also help increase the durability and hardness of these materials.
7. Surface hardener:
Used to increase the hardness of the surface of construction materials such as concrete, cement, bricks... Surface hardeners help increase scratch resistance and reduce abrasion of these materials.
8.Concrete hardener
Concrete hardeners are chemicals used to increase the hardness and load-bearing capacity of concrete. They are added to concrete before mixing to ensure a smooth concrete surface and minimize deterioration during use. Common concrete hardeners include sodium silicate, potassium silicate and calcite.
9.Water absorption enhancer
Water repellent enhancers are used to protect construction surfaces from water and moisture. They are added to coats of paint, stucco and cement to increase waterproofing and protect walls and floors from water damage. Common water permeability enhancers include sodium silicate, potassium silicate and calcium silicate.
10. Anti-corrosion agent
Anti-corrosion agents are chemicals used to protect construction surfaces from corrosion by factors such as water, wind and the environment. They are used in applications such as painting, waterproofing and cement to increase the durability and longevity of building surfaces. Common corrosion inhibitors include zinc oxide, zinc salts, and epoxy paints.
11.Assembly aid:
Used to help assemble parts of construction projects faster and easier. Assembly aids help increase production efficiency and save time.
12.Other types of regulators
In addition to the above chemicals, there are other types of modifiers used in the construction industry such as foaming agents, viscosity reducers, surface smoothing agents, and water repellents.
III.Ensure safety when using chemicals in the construction industry
To ensure safety and effectiveness when using construction chemicals, we should take the following measures:
Learn carefully about the properties, uses and applicable subjects of each chemical.
Use chemical products with clear origins, meet health safety standards and are licensed for use by competent authorities.
Apply safety measures when using chemicals, including wearing eye protection, masks, gloves and protective clothing.
Store and transport chemicals properly to avoid leakage or breakage.
Implement measures to handle and destroy chemicals properly, avoiding harm to the environment and human health.
These measures will help us use construction industry chemicals safely and effectively, protecting human health and the environment, while ensuring the progress and quality of construction.
1.Where are construction industry chemicals produced?
Construction chemicals are produced from a variety of sources such as limestone, gypsum, granite powder, clay, and other mineral sources.
2. Why is it necessary to use construction chemicals during construction?
Using construction chemicals properly can help increase the durability, flexibility and water resistance of construction materials. At the same time, they can also reduce the time needed for curing and reduce production costs.
3.What are the risks of using too many chemicals during construction?
Using too many chemicals during construction can affect the environment and human health, so it is necessary to use them properly and ensure environmental safety.
4. How to choose the right chemical for construction projects?
To choose the right chemical for construction projects, it is necessary to carefully learn about the properties of construction materials, environmental conditions, intended use... Then, it is necessary to consult with experts. reputable experts or suppliers to make the right choice.
5. How many types of chemicals are used in the construction industry?
Answer: There are many types of chemicals used in the construction industry, including construction chemicals, paint chemicals, waterproofing chemicals, fire retardant chemicals, surface improvement chemicals, and many other chemicals. other.
6.What factors should be considered when choosing the right chemical for construction projects?
Answer: To choose the right chemical for construction projects, it is necessary to consider factors such as the nature of the surface to be treated, the purpose of use, and the environmental conditions of the project.
7.Where can I buy construction chemicals?
Answer: Construction chemicals can be purchased at construction material stores, chemical stores and can also be ordered online. You can buy all chemicals used for construction at Naman USA Company.
V. Conclusion:
With an important role in the construction process, construction chemicals play an indispensable role in the construction industry. However, to ensure safety for the environment and human health, it is necessary to use them properly and in the right dosage. Furthermore, learning and choosing the right chemicals for each type of construction material is necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the project.
If you are looking for construction chemicals, please refer to products from reputable manufacturers, ensuring quality and meeting safety and environmental standards. Using construction chemicals properly not only helps increase the durability and water resistance of construction materials but also reduces production costs and curing time.


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